The HUG NFT: Creating a world with more love, one hug at a time. Buy one hug and get a free mint to send to a friend.

Our Cause: Creating connection around the world with art inspiring people to be aunthetic.
Our Mission: Hug each address on the Ethereum network.

The HUG NFT is a grass roots NFT that started in Venice, CA. The HUG NFT is about human connection IRL and on the block chain. Want a hug? We believe that connection is more important than ever. CURRENTLY, we are building community. We felt isolated and alone during covid. We are still putting the pieces together. We are announcing our discord on July 7th!!! The HUG NFT is a generative collection of art of humans hugging, inclusive of the full spectrum of human diversity. The skin color, clothing style, and backgrounds are blockchain generative traits. When you mint one, you get a set of two that are similar except for the background. Then you send one to a friend to hug them. We co-created The HUG NFT to inspire that same feeling that IRL hugging makes. We felt that some of the NFT space was about money and we want some of the space to be about human connection. In addition, we host IRL events for hugging. We are having a pop up hug circle this Thursday (6/23/22) in Time Squares.

Jolie's Hug Story

Jolie has been on a lifelong journey of belonging through hugging and human connection. She has always felt more connected and joyful after hugging starting as a young girl. She took a meditation course and learned about social capital and how hugging and human connection egulate emotions. She met Otto at a 3 day authentic relating retreat where there was a lot of hugging and human connection. Jolie was introduced to web3 after she was day trading stocks that were ‘mining’ and began researching mining and blockchains. Jolie co-created The HUG NFT to inspire that same feeling that IRL hugging makes.

Hugs are symbolic of friendship and love and meet human needs in a variety of ways. Now more than ever, hugs are important. When you buy The HUG NFT, you are hugging a friend on the blockchain. Hugs connect the world.

Hug and the world hugs with you

Mint Two Hugs on Polygon for 1 MATIC

The HugThe HugThe HugThe Hug

What makes our project different:

1. Our NFTs are about friendship and sharing.

2. Our NFTs will change over time, kind of like a chronicle of the journey of two friends.

Layered On-chain Generative Art.

The Hug NFTs are generated by combining different unique elements, for example, different types of people, different clothes, different colors and patterns, settings and backgrounds. The NFTs are generative art with unpredictable randomness. When you press the "mint" button YOU are creating a unique piece of art via a blockchain smart contract.

Sending love on-chain

Remember the joy of receiving a card in the mail? The Hug NFT strives to bring this same experience to the web 3.0


The roadmap is still evolving in this ever changing web3 landscape and will be published after NFTNYC. Stay tuned.

  • BOGO (Buy One Get One to hug a friend with) - LIVE MINT coming soon.
  • 50% Sold.  T-shirts and other merch including Mugs, Wall Art.
  • 100% Sold.   Celebration party 🎉
  • Other perks include access to IRL hugging events, surprise drops, and special discounts. At least 10% of the profits will be set upto help other artists launch their web 3 projects.



Co-Creator and Developer

I transform the world with creativity through technology and love. I have 20 years experience building apps, websites, and crypto stuff, and helping companies implement innovative software and technology solutions


Co-Creator and Marketing

I co-created The HUG NFT to increase love in the world through hugging in web3 and IRL. I also created the Purple Elephant: NFT Agency to help artists in web3 so they can focus on creating their art and not on the web3 arena. My mission in life is to be of service to others. I have taught middle school science for 13 years plus. I am fascinated with web3 and the opportunities it creates in terms of multiple entry points for ALL and the innovations that abound. My passion is learning and giving back and I’m constantly learning more about web3.



I’m a ‘juicy life’ coach. J.U.I.C.Y? Joyful, Unapologetic, Inspiring, Creatively successful and Yummy! I help my clients to bring joyful balance and crystal clear clarity in their relationships with themselves and their loved ones to reach emotional stability and professional growth.



Javier Alvarez Freelance graphic designer and Illustrator with more than 7 years of experience, lover of art and innovation, dedicated to constant learning and serving others. He loves challenges and turning his clients' ideas into visible reality. In his spare time Javier enjoys road cycling and adventure trips that enrich his art. His goal? Change the world one design at a time.


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